Product overview

LUUCY – the interactive platform for spatial and real estate development

We have provided you with everything you need to start planning your spatial or real estate development projects: the topography of the Swiss landscape with all the buildings and the vegetation in 3D, building law principles, data from the official cadastral survey, maps and helpful tools. Everything digital, central and interactive.

LUUCY offers simple tools to shape your ideas directly in the digital model of our settlement space.

The core of LUUCY is the digital 3D twin of our built world with its buildings, topography, and vegetation – powerful and easily available on the web.

Ideen in 3D modellieren
Kombiniere Datenebenen in luucy

LUUCY offers you up-to-date geoinformation data from public sources throughout Switzerland.

You can order, overlap, and combine them according to your needs to gain valuable insights easily and quickly.

LUUCY offers evaluation tools that provide you with data and facts during the planning process.

Compare the economic potential of the drafted variants directly in LUUCY and create the basis for decision-making in a short period of time

basic functions

Learn how companies are using LUUCY

Übersicht aller Projekte in der Gemeinde
Interactive 3D twin incl. time control and shadows
Marketplace with many free datasets and apps
Ideen in 3D modellieren
Projects with interactive modelling functions such as buildings, areas, markers, text and much more
Presentations – explaining complex topics easily
Export and import of 2D and 3D data
basic data

All the data for you in one place

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In development

We are constantly expanding the features of our platform

A timeline for better project coordination

Improving speed and reliability

Define your own section in the terrain for precisely fitting terrain models

Updating the buildings to swissbuildings 3.0

Height above the terrain in pedestrian mode

Improved terrain with higher precision in the settlement area

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