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Shaping living spaces together

The further development of our living space is becoming increasingly complex. New laws and regulations are constantly being created that contribute to this. The order of the day is called inner development and places new and high demands on all actors involved. We have recognised that common methods and procedures for transforming our living spaces often reach their limits and do not lead to success. In addition, the global influences of digitalisation are having an impact and changing the needs of our society and thus also of our living spaces. Against this background, we set out to create a digital twin of the built world with our 3D web GIS solution. Open to interfaces, the digital twin centralises information as a platform and makes it available in networked form as knowledge. The platform grows daily and is continuously enriched with new tools.


“LUUCY enables developers, the public sector and society to make safe and far-sighted decisions in the design of our living space of tomorrow”.

We offer our customers the easiest possible access to current data, functionalities and information on our built environment – and providers from the authorities and the private sector the most open access possible for linking their products to our platform, which is gaining in attractiveness and importance every day and from whose growth everyone benefits.

Our beginnings

As an interdisciplinary team from the fields of architecture, spatial planning, economics, sociology and information technology, we spun off from our parent company IVO Innenentwicklung AG in 2019 to realise our vision independently. From our wealth of knowledge, we know the needs of planning, project planning and inner development and work daily to develop new and effective tools for our clients so that they can sustainably develop our complex living space with high efficiency and quality.

our Team

We give everything

We are driven by the constant development of the LUUCY platform. We are committed to continuously providing our customers with new valuable data and functionalities.

Bild Alexandra Dias

Alexandra Dias
GIS Specialist

Bild Daniela Boxler

Daniela Boxler
Call Agent

Bild Flavio Macquat

Flavio Macquat
Head of Sales

Martin Clement
Head of Support und Projects

Bild Nico Mazzotta

Nico Mazzotta
Sales Manager

Bild Shadia Lochiger

Shadia Lochiger
Sales Manager

Bild Tobias Lüscher

Tobias Lüscher

Bild Thorben Westerhuys

Thorben Westerhuys
Head of IT-Development

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